Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Art of Lamin Martin: Solitude

On Friday October 7th,The Art of Lamin: Solitude gallery show will explore artist Lamin Martin’s fantasy concept art hosted by Toronto Cartoonist's Workshop and Guerilla Printing. The Art of Lamin: Solitude will be a creative networking experience showcasing 18 beautifully immersive two and a half foot by three and a half foot canvases, from Lamin Illustration & Design, framed and presented in a gallery setting in Toronto's trendy and cultural College and Bathurst (at Clinton) area. Books featuring collections of Lamin Martin’s extraordinary work, and prints will also be available. For more information please click the flyer below!

See you soon!

Blood and Lavender

One of the first images that I worked on when I began digital painting was Blood and Lavender. I always considered it to be one of those images that got away because it never really came out the way that I wanted it to. The lighting, the colour composition, the values never really gave the haunting sense of strange beauty that I was initially going for. Since then I've learned a few new tricks, new processes and new painting techniques that I felt I could finally apply to this illustration to do it justice. Below is the before and after!

Blood & Lavender After

Blood & Lavender Before

Blood & Lavender Line illustration