Thursday, October 13, 2011

Electric Playground - The Art of Lamin Martin Solitude

Electric Playground visited The Art of Lamin Martin Solitude exhibit where they were kind enough to conduct an interview discussing the images and themes showcased at the event.  Below is a clip taken from Season 21 Episode 232 of Electric Playground's "Profiles" featuring the art of Lamin Martin.

You can also catch the full episode HERE.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Army of Me

People love steampunk for many reasons.  Two of which are, first, the costuming and detailing found in steampunk fashion is fun, beautiful and open to tons of creativity.  Second steampunk has set designs and a backstory that are absolutely fantastic.  Which is why I wanted to try my hand at a steampunk inspired illustration.  The image that I came up with is a story of a soldier who took it upon herself to take out a fleet of zeppelins, one at a time, by cutting them open and tossing in belts of grenades.  She's a specialized member of a rocketeer group who's job in the war effort is to turn the tide.