Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In the early days of Chaos comics I was a huge fan of one of their flagship titles, Lady Death.  One of the characters from the Lady Death was Purgatori a blood red vampire goddess with thigh-high boots and a wicked smile.  I never thought of creating an image for her until a friend of mine, a fellow Purgatori fan, recently celebrated his birthday and I wanted to give him something more than a gift certificate!  So this image is for my buddy and all of the Purgatori fans out there.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Rolling clouds engulf the city and what rises out of the storm are the swarming wings of doom that are large enough to blot out the sun.  
A swarm of dragons over taking a city whether that city be medieval or modern has always be a visual that I've been drawn to.  Perhaps it's the idea that these majestic dragons are finally taking back the land that belongs to them that I love, or maybe it's just that dragons have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything they want.  Really, who would tell them no!  In this image I've visualized those ideas in a way that I hope conveys a sense of majesty and savagery that only dragons possess.