Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Message in a Bullet

When I think of angels I've always envisioned them as an army. Each soldier has their own specialized skill set complete with their tools of the trade. The soldier that I came up with, found in the pages of APOCRYPHA, is one who's passion in service to God is to hunt and kill demons with his weapon of choice being a long range double-barreled breech-loading rifle.


  1. Love the mood of the finished piece, Lamin. The drawing shows it to be so very meticulous, and the final just exudes power in restraint. Are you going to post a step-by-step of this one? I'd love to see how you worked up the wings in detail some time.

  2. Hey Aino! I'm actually working on the tutorial right now so that I can have it completed by next week. I'll keep you posted!