Monday, April 14, 2014

A Quarter Past

There was a time when I thought I couldn’t do the things that I’m paid to do now.  To look down the barrel of a rifle and decide life or death was once a difficult decision that’s become all too easy.  A decision that shouldn’t be left up to any man, especially a man like me.

The look and feel of the character Is inspired by Sean Connery's character, "Jim Malone", in the 1987 movie "The Untouchables" and "Allan Quartermain" in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".
The overall image is an exploration of the idea of a gentleman assassin who uses a steam powered sniper rifle to take out his targets.  But in his down time he enjoys his pipe and a good scotch as he contemplates his position in life while he ensures that his tool of trade is always in working order.


  1. Love the process shots. Really gives incite into your decisions when I look closely. Incredible work.

  2. Great drawing and wonderful light composition on the final - it's a beautiful piece!