Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In my development and growth as a concept artist it's of course necessary to be able to render environments. To be able to come up with believable spaces for characters to exist in wasn't really a focus of mine but the more I look into the importance and necessity for it the more I love it and the more I want to work at it. What's interest about my dive into environment design is that I'm more daring in my approach to the process, meaning I'm more willing to dive into photoshop without sketching anything out first, which is what I usually don't do. Instead I fire-up Photoshop and start painting shapes allowing accidents to happen. Below is Gothic environment that I came up with that is a blend of architectural design elements. The cathedral is influenced by a mix of french and italian design, the iron grid in the foreground is a design element found in Bordeaux airport in France and the narrative is inspired by Silent Hill of a lost traveler who unfortunately stumbles into the foggy mysterious town and quickly learns that the shadows are not always as they seem and that the only light needed to cast off the darkness is found in the refuge of the church.
If you haven't come across the Silent Hill game series then do yourself a favour and check out the movie HERE or check out the games HERE.


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