Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Transitions Mini-Golf Championship

Recently the great people at Oddly Studios and myself had the amazing opportunity to build an online mini-golf game for Transitions Lenses, the eyeglasses lens company. We were given a month to complete the work so there wasn't much room for error. Thanks to the workflow structure established by Oddly director Tim Willison, the resulting game was beautifully executed on time and it was something that everyone was proud of especially Transitions Lenses. My role in the project was to come up with concept designs for the nine mini-golf courses working with Oddly's art director Sheharzad Arshad and The Marketing Store's Neil Cabana. You can take a look at the designs below as well as what the courses looked like after they went from drawings to working 3D models built in Maya and then given physics in the Unity game engine thanks to the hard work of Adam Sullovey. If you'd like to play the game you can give it a try using the following link,

Transitions Mini-Golf Championship

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A few sketches,

Maya Models,

A few completed courses,

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