Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dracaena 3-D Model by Jacey King

Recently I was contacted by a very talented digital animation student from Malaysia named Joshua Chin Yi King a.k.a Jacey King. He expressed interest in 3-D modelling one of my illustrations, "Dracaena", and I jumped at the opportunity for him to bring the design to life in a way that only a talented 3-D modeller like Jacey could. He kept me updated with very clear, clean and fascinating images of the modelling process and then to my pleasant surprise created an amazing trailer of "Dracaena" in action. Thank you very much Jacey for bringing my illustration to life and also thank you to Sony Computer Entertainment and especially Team ICO for creating the game "Shadow of the Colossus". A game with absolutely beautiful art direction which inspired both our works. Take a look at Jacey's incredible trailer!

"Dracaena" Creature 3D Modelling Reel by Jacey King from Jacey King on Vimeo.

You can find more of Jacey's fantastic work on,
Deviant Art

Thanks again Jacey!

"Dracaena" Concept Design by Lamin Martin

"Dracaena" 3-D Model by Jacey King

Jacey King 3-D Modelling Process

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