Thursday, April 28, 2011

Concept Designs

Recently I was contacted by Gameloft to be considered for a 2D concept artist position. Unfortunately I lost out on the job but the test that I completed was interesting and helpful in my growth as an concept artist. It pushed me into doing some environmental work that I usually don't get into and as a result of that push I'm actually looking forward to trying out a few more environments on my own. In terms of character design I was pushed into relying on just the character and the costume design as the focal point without a background design because the test required no background elements. Below is the character design portion of the test that involved creating a sexy female pirate captain. The environmental portion of the test involved creating a 2D dark forest environment painted over top of a 3D wire-frame that was provided.


Character design sketch,

Complete character design,

3D Wire-frame provided by Gameloft,

Completed environment design,

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